Emergency Communications Center (ECC)

The Police Department is equipped with a 24 hour Emergency Communications Center (ECC) with trained and certified Emergency Communications Officers (ECOs) that answer both 9-1-1 phone lines and non-emergency administrative phone lines.  Emergency Communications Officers are a vital link to public safety with the University Community and are the first public contact when assistance is needed.

In addition to 9-1-1 Emergency Services and Communications, we are the primary 24 hour contact for Safety Escorts, Concerned Behavior Reporting and other non-emergency campus services.

The Emergency Communications Center has instant access to the University Fire Marshal’s (first-responders) and the City of Raleigh’s Emergency Communications Center.  9-1-1 Callers with medical emergencies are transferred directly to the City of Raleigh ECC for Emergency Medical Dispatch to provide the quickest possible assistance to those in need.