Safety Escort Services

Budd Group Vehicle

In conjunction with University Housing, the University Police Department provides a safety escort service to protect students, faculty and staff on campus between the hours of 10 pm and 4 am, as long as weather is safe for operation. In the hours prior to 10 pm, the police department encourages anyone travelling on campus to walk in well lighted areas with groups of people or to use the Wolfline Bus Service.

Wolfline, the University bus system, provides safe, frequent and extensive bus service until 3 am on four routes which mirror daytime service and cover all major campus destinations, residence halls, both libraries and the Avent Ferry/Gorman Street corridor.

Full Moon (service every 30 minutes - connects Wolf Village to Hillsborough Street),  Werewolf Shuttle (every 20 minutes - connects Wolf Village and Cates Avenue residence halls, as well as D.H. Library and Hillsborough Street), Night Wolf (every 30 minutes - connects D.H. Hill Library and the Gorman/Avent Ferry Corridor and Greek Village), Centennial Night (every 18 minutes, connects D.H. Hill Library/Hunt Library and locations along Dan Allen Drive, Hillsborough Street and Pullen Road).
Every Sunday night, and the evening prior to classes resuming after a holiday break, the Holiday/Sunday Evening Shuttle runs continouously between the Centennial Campus Storage (RS) Lots and campus residence halls from 8 pm until Midnight. Check schedules (and download them to smart phones) from the link below. Traveling via Wolfline is often the best, most direct option for travel, as well as the quickest.

Wolfline Campus Bus Service

Contracted security guards will provide a safety escort anywhere on campus to include outer areas such as, but not limited to; the Vet School, the Avent Ferry Complex and Centennial Campus during the 10 pm to 4 am time period. Once a request for an escort has been  made, the response time is dependent on the number of requests already received. Requests received from locations without Wolfline bus service will be given priority over locations accessible by bus. Due to vehicle capacity restrictions, safety escorts are limited to groups of no more than 3 people at a time.

You can identify University Police officers by their uniform and/or their department identification card.  Police Officers wear the standard navy blue police department uniform with a red shoulder patch.  Contracted security guards can be identified by their gray and black uniforms designated by “Staff 1 Security,” as well as the Staff 1 Security Safety Escort vehicle.

To request an escort, call 919-515-3000 or use a Blue Light Emergency Phone found at many locations across campus.