Ride-Along Program

The Ride-Along Program is designed to increase understanding between Officers in the Campus Police Department and the University community. Officers are able to learn how they are viewed by students, faculty, and staff and the riders their awareness of law enforcement processes, problems, and operations.

The Campus Police Department encourages the campus community to be interested and involved in the law enforcement process. Therefore, members of the campus community are permitted to ride in Department vehicles as passenger observers for civic or educational purposes.

Participation in the Ride-Along Program is open to any interested individual who has a specific interest in campus policing (e.g. persons studying criminal justice or engaging in criminal research, visiting law enforcement officials, etc.)

To participate in the NCSU Police Ride Along Program, the applicant shall meet
the following criteria:

  • Request for Ride Along must be completed, liability waiver must be signed
    and these Rules must be read. Form shall be submitted at least 2 working
    days prior to ride along to the Operations Manager who will in turn assign
    the ride along to appropriate personnel.
  • A criminal history will be run on applicant prior to ride along.
  • Eighteen years of age or older, unless approved by the Chief of Police or
    his designee.
  • Submission of false information of any type will disqualify any participant
    from the program. A criminal background may disqualify a participant
    from the program. You must not be under investigation by any criminal
    justice agency. You must not have been terminated or forced to resign
    from any criminal justice agency.
  • Candidate shall be free from conviction of a criminal offense.
  • Candidate shall not be a suspect under a Personal Protective Order or
    any sort of Bond Restrictions.
  • Candidate shall agree to follow the rules of the Program and direction of
    the officer to which he/she is assigned.
  • Candidate shall agree that participation is limited to those hours approved
    by the Chief of Police or his designee.

Persons wishing to participate in the Ride Along Program will need to:

  • Complete the necessary Ride Along and Waiver forms (link below) and return them to Ride-Along Coordinator listed below at the NCSU Police Department.
  • All paperwork mush be complete, signed and witnessed by a member of the NCSU Police Department prior to scheduling a ride along date.
  • The application forms must be returned to the Police Department 48 Hours prior to
    scheduled ride along.
  • If the person is ineligible to participate in the Ride Along Program, a member of the agency shall notify the applicant that they are not eligible. 

Direct your letter of request and questions to:

Sgt. JL Talley
NCSU Police Department
Campus Box 7220
Raleigh, NC 27695

Ride Along Forms and Waiver