Employment Opportunities

The police department employment procedure is a multi-step process, where each applicant must pass one step before progressing to the next. An applicant can be disqualified from further consideration for unsatisfactory performance at any time during this procedure.

A brief description of each position offered by the police department is provided below. 

Police Officer Duties include but are not limited to the following:

Prevent and suppress crime; protect life and property; apply appropriate use of force options; pursue fleeing suspects; perform rescue operations; prepare reports; identify significant crime trends; determine reasonable suspicion to detain and probable cause to arrest; engage in community and problem oriented policing strategies; operate law enforcement vehicle, willing to work day and night shift assignments and communicate effectively with the public.

Emergency Communication Officer Duties include but are not limited to the following:

Receive emergency and non-emergency calls; Dispatch police, fire and EMS to University locations; Operate and maintain Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD); Monitor and dispatch campus-wide fire and intrusion alarms; Operate Division of Criminal Information terminal; Issue and maintain records of departmental equipment; Maintain and update departmental records.

To see a list of positions currently available, visit the NC State Human Recourses Staff Vacancies website.

The employment steps are as follows:

1. Applicant should complete an online application packet provided by the NCSU Human Resources Department’s website and will submit it electronically.

2. Human Resources will screen each application to ensure its completion, and then submits approved applications to the Police Department. 

3. The department reviews and conducts a preliminary records check on each application. Candidates are considered for interviews and notified via telephone and in writing when a time and date is set. 

4. The initial interview is conducted by members of the department patrol division, command staff and the hiring coordinator. Successful applicants will then be given a conditional offer of employment.

5. Those candidates that successfully complete all conditions in the initial offer will be given a final offer of employment and begin the Field Training Process. 

NC State University Police Department is an Equal Opportunity Employer