Emergency Communication Center

Photo of Kim Womble

Kim Davis
ECC Supervisor

The NCSU Police Department is equipped with a 24 hour Emergency Communications Center (ECC) with trained and certified Emergency Communications Officers (ECOs) that answer both 9-1-1 phone lines and non- emergency administrative phone lines.  Emergency Communications Officers are a vital link to public safety with the University Community and surrounding area and are the first public contact when assistance is needed.

In addition to 9-1-1 Emergency Services and Communications, we are the primary 24 hour contact for Safety Escorts, Concerned Behavior Reporting and other non-emergency campus services.

The Emergency Communications Center has instant access to the University Fire Marshal’s (first-responders) and the City of Raleigh’s Emergency Communications Center.  9-1-1 Callers with medical emergencies are transferred directly to the City of Raleigh ECC for Emergency Medical Dispatch to provide the quickest possible assistance to those in need.

The Emergency Communications Supervisor is responsible for day to day operations of the ECC. The supervisor handles the administration of the ECO recruiting, hiring and training programs. They perform Quality Assurance checks on phone call and radio communications, and evaluations and administrative investigations of personnel.  They participate with writing departmental policy which pertains to ECC activities, and provide reporting of monthly ECC efforts and actions.