Patrol Division

Photo of Ian Kendrick

Capt. Ian Kendrick
Patrol Division & Special Events Coordinator

Photo of William Peebles

Lt. William Peebles
Patrol Division Lieutenant

Photo of Jeff Williams

Lt. Jefforey Williams
Patrol Division Lieutenant

The Patrol Division is the most highly visible division of the NC State University Police Department and has the responsibility to pro-actively patrol the campus in a effort to prevent crime, solve problems, investigate crimes and vehicle accidents, make arrests pursuant to criminal behavior, provide safety escorts, serve as building liaisons, conduct safety programs and building partnerships within the campus and local community. The division also oversees the Field Training Officer program to insure consistency in the professional development and attrition of personnel into the department and supports the maintenance of the departments CALEA status.

Our Patrol Officers utilize various methods to actively patrol the campus such as foot patrols, marked patrol vehicles, police bicycles and Segways. Our Officers are available to respond to emergencies 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All of our officers are certified as law enforcement officers by the State of North Carolina and have full arrest powers under the law.

The NC State University Police Department now has extended jurisdiction into the City of Raleigh. Our officers have full law enforcement authority to act both on and office campus while on duty. The NC State University Police Department will respond off campus to housing areas where NCSU students reside, to investigate crimes that occurred on campus, effect an arrest that occurred in the officers presence, or when requested by the Raleigh Police Department. The NC State University Police Department will not routinely patrol off campus areas.