Field Operations Division

Major Frank Brinkley
Field Operations Commander

The Field Operations Division consists of two sub-divisions: the Patrol Division and the Criminal Investigations Division, who report to Major Frank Brinkley. These two subdivisions are comprised of those units that are responsible for incident response and investigations for the department. The NCSU Police Department also participates in the Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) program for Wake County, and a majority of our officers have received the training.  The CIT program enhances officer training in recognition and intervention of individuals in crisis. Major Brinkley is the CIT Coordinator for the NCSU Police Department.

The Patrol Division is managed by a Captain, who reports to the Field Operations Major. The Patrol Captain is also responsible for managing law enforcement and civilian contract staffing for special events. The NCSU Police Department is represented at the state fusion center known as the Information Sharing and Analysis Center by an investigator that reports to the Patrol Division.

The Criminal Investigations Division is managed by a Sergeant, who reports to the Field Operations Major. This division consists of investigators who also work on call to respond to serious or high profile crimes, manages evidence and found property, and assist the university in administrative investigations into concerning behavior. This division also provides primary staffing for events requiring dignitary protection and work with other agencies to share intelligence about crime trends and suspects.

The following units make up this division: